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Milestones of SPAUN electronic

Company founded by Friedrich Spaun.

1973 Start of co-operation with the German MATV-industry. Production of amplifiers for active FM-stereo-indoor antennas, multiband- and home distribution-amplifiers for the leading suppliers in the German MATV-industry.

Partners in Austria and Switzerland are chosen obtaining their products from SPAUN electronic.

During this time SPAUN productions exeeds 1 million products supplied.

1989 Relocation to purpose built premises within the industrial area of Singen.

SPAUN electronic launches products under their own trade name. Initially the range comprises over 30 products.

The world-wide first multiswitch with integrated power supply is offered by SPAUN electronic - an instant success!

Internationale Funkaustellung Berlin: SPAUN electronic presents the first truly cascadable multiswitch distribution system. This innovation is acknowledged by and used as a benchmark by other manufacturers. With this distribution architecture SPAUN electronic achieves a breakthrough in the World-wide market place.

In February 1995 SPAUN electronic introduces the “duo” multiswitch for 6 subscribers incorporating many novel features:

The type SMS 5600 NF is the first multiswitch with a switch mode power supply.

The integrate power save function achieves up to 80% energy saving when the connected receivers are switched off, because the LNB remote voltage as well as the SAT amplifier will be powered down.

By using a synchronous level adjuster switch it is possible to match different levels between inputs A and B. (German samples G 94 19 377).

At the "International Funkaustellung in Berlin" SPAUN electronic introduces their cascadable IF distribution system for 4 SAT IF signals. The exceptional terrestrial performance achieved for the MATV/CATV signals is of particular note.

EUTELSAT and PHILIPS developed a new digital control principle called DiSEqC. (Digital Satellite Equipment Control). SPAUN electronic actively participate in its specification. and implementation.

The first DiSEqC product in multiple production is launched by SPAUN electronic: The universal relay SUR 210 F. The universal relay allows the interconnection of individual receivers or switching outputs of a duo multiswitch.Receivers are now able to switch between 8 satellite signal paths.

SPAUN electronic presents at the Cable & Satellite Exhibition in London and at the International Funkaustellung in Berlin. The cascadable DiSEqC multiswitch system is launched and consists of:

- Compact Multiswitch SMS 9940 NF

- Distribution Multiswitch SMK 9940 F

- Distribution Multiswitch SMK 9960 F

Expandable to 16 receivers without additional amplifier, 32 with extra amplifier.

Selectable LNB remote supply 12 V – 18 V – 22 kHz.

Synchronous level control per SAT IF H-V pair.

Terrestrial distribution included, using push-pull technology.

Selection logic for each receiver, stand-by function in the cascadable system.

Receivers are able to select up to 16 SAT IF bands in conjunction with the universal relay SUR 210 F.

SPAUN – the Satellite IF distribution technology specialist – anounces another world wide first at the International Funkaustellung in Berlin.

Selection of up to 256 SAT IF bands using the DiSEqC 2.1 relay is now possible.

Redesigned cascadable “duo” multiswitch components for 4 SAT IF path and terrestrial now incorporate reverse path band width for the future interactive services and energy standby mode.

SPAUN electronic presents the first high class CATV-amplifier with selectable gain and also selectable frequency ranges.

For the first time SPAUN offers a cascadable Multiswitch system for 16 SAT-IF signals and terrestrial.

The easy reception of international radio and TV programmes of four orbit positions is possible.

SPAUN electronic presents the UniSystem product range, a modular Multiswitch system which is remote powered by the receiver and easy extendable for future needs.

Kevin Spaun enters the company as sole owner. Friedrich Spaun remains active in the company and supports the company with his more than 40 years experience.

With the new Light-Class series SMS 5xx07 NF SPAUN presents a inexpensive but powerful compact multiswitch for 4 SAT IF signals and terrestrial. Quickly, the new multiswitches were accepted by the market and became bestsellers.

For the first time SPAUN presents a new range of products of the optical distribution technology. The optical transmitter allows to transfer both satellite and terrestrial signals. It was deliberately decided not to design it in a rack housing instead for a housing in a similar format of a cigarette box.

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