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Important end-user information

For some time we observe that SPAUN items are increasingly sold on the Internet.

Especially in the view of potential bargain due too cheap prices - with which some Internet shops target customers - the professionals of SPAUN electronic suggest:

Trust your local Installer!
  • He will advise you competently about the various possibilities of the satellite reception, especially with future updates or upgrades of older installations.
  • He has state-of-the-art measurement devices available and is a guarantor for a trouble free satellite reception regardless the weather conditions
  • He knows about the relevant regulations and is liable for the proper installation, especially in the event of a claim
  • In case of problems with your satellite reception he will be there for you on site.

Please understand that our technical hotline as we don't know your local reception conditions and the specifics of your distribution network can not provide you with a professional advice on the selection of our products, installation issues or with regard to fault localization or fault fixes.

Don't skimp on the wrong end!

The slightly more expensive installation by a professional is quickly forgotten, picture and sound problems due to improper installation, will disturb you for months and years!

Your SPAUN Team
Important end-user Information
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