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Frequently Asked Questions
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SPAUN FAQ » Common Questions
» Is it enough to distribute only the High-Band Signal for digital reception ?
» Is my satellite-system for ASTRA 19,2° East fit for digital reception ?
» Which cable lengths can be used ?
» Grounding and potential equalization in antenna systems
» Which Dish-Size should be used for a new installation ?
» Which amplifier will help if there are satellite-reception-problems ?

The digitalization of the Satellite-programs increased the requirements SAT-distribution-systems. On one side the signal level at your TV socket has to be optimal. On the other hand it is, especially regarding Digital reception,  very important that the SAT-receiver will be provided with sufficient signal quality. Especially for the reception of digital programs it is important to have a high signal quality. The signal level plays only a “second” roll.
Both, a too high and a too low signal level  at your TV-socket will produce problems with your SAT-receiver. If the signal slope is too high  there can be frequency independent reception problems . The  same goes for insufficient signal quality due to low quality distribution items, an unproperly installation of the dish or an out-of-date cable-distribution.
In summary this means that the amplifying of the signal level does not necessarily solve your reception problem. In the technical annex of the valid SPAUN electronic catalogue you´ll find the minimum requirements of the signal level and signal quality for the different reception areas.
Many SAT-receivers are able to display the signal-level and signal-quality. These offer however just an indication of your reception. For an optimal troubleshooting and maintenance we strongly advise to get in contact with your local dealer. He usually has the professional measurement equipment which is required for quick troubleshooting and/or to determine which amplifier is suitable.

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