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  20-12-2019  End of the year

The entire SPAUN Team would like to thank you for your active support this year and wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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  25-10-2019  Light + Building exhibition

Visit us at Light + Building / Hall 12.0 Stand F83

At Light + Building the industry presents every two years the latest products for the fields of lighting, electrical engineering as well as home and building automation. It is the industry hotspot for architects, planners, electrical installers, retailers and the real estate sector from all over the world.

Visit us in hall 12.0 booth F83. We are looking forward to your visit.
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  08-07-2019  Multiswitch without mains power
Multiswitch series without 230V~ connection

The new 5 in X multiswitch series SMS 55x5 F is available in the product portfolio of SPAUN.

The cascadable multiswitches do not require a 230 VAC connection. Both the multiswitch and the LNB are powered by the receiver.

Advantage: Mounting options in places where no mains power is available.

In addition to the four inputs for satellite signals, the SMS 55x5 F series also offers a terrestrial input for connecting a DVB-T and/or DAB/FM antenna. This input is passive and suitable for return path application.
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  20-05-2019  ANGA COM 2019
SPAUN invites to a customer talk at the ANGA

ANGA COM is Europe's leading congress trade fair for broadband, television and online. This is where network operators, suppliers and content providers meet to discuss all aspects of broadband and media distribution. The next date is 4 to 6 June 2019 in Cologne.
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  15-04-2019  New TV Signal Analyzers
TV Signal Analyzers SAPROS series 800

The new TV signal analyzers with extensive equipment are available in three different versions.

For further information please contact our technical hotline at hotline@spaun.de.
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  04-03-2019  CABSAT 2019
Sales team represented at the CABSAT in Dubai

CABSAT is an annual largest broadcast digital media and satellite expo in the Middle East and Africa. The fair will take place from 12 - 14 March 2019. Our sales team is represented on site and we are looking forward to meeting you there."
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  01-12-2018  Press release
Commencement of Insolvency Proceedings

On 1st of December 2018, the District Court of Konstanz has opened insolvency proceedings over the
assets of SPAUN electronic GmbH & Co. KG and appointed lawyer Christian Zschocke as insolvency

The business is currently being continued without any restrictions. Already during the preliminary
insolvency, it has succeeded in convincing important customers and key suppliers to remain loyal to
the company.

A M&A process has already been started in order to ensure the long-term preservation of the
company and the existing jobs.

Insolvency administrator Zschocke makes a sustained effort to find a suitable investor for the
company and will start the first negotiations in the next few weeks.
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  04-09-2018  Press release
Spaun electronic GmbH & Co KG applies for commencement of insolvency proceedings

Restructuring expert Christian Zschocke has been appointed by the Constance district court as the preliminary insolvency administrator. The objective of the preliminary insolvency administrator is the restructuring of the company, whose business operations he will initially carry on unrestricted.

SPAUN electronic suffered recently from drops in sales, which resulted in the company falling out of the profitability zone. The company wanted to make up for the drops in sales in the traditional business areas through new, innovative products in the field of optical distribution technology. This business area was building up but could not compensate for the drops in sales. As things developed, the principal banker gave notice of the credit lines terminating in November 2018.

"It pains us greatly to have to take the step of committing this long-standing company with almost 50 years of history to insolvency proceedings." However, thanks to the very early application for insolvency, as a result of an impended inability to meet payments, the company has taken all precautions for successful restructuring.

Zschocke was on-site immediately after his appointment in order to conduct the first talks and to gain an impression of the economic situation. "The framework conditions for long-term continuation of the business are in place." He will spare no effort to ensure that as many workplaces as possible are retained.

The employees were immediately informed of the current situation in a staff meeting. To ensure that the approx. 40 employees at the site in Singen am Hohentwiel do not suffer a loss of earnings, the preliminary insolvency administrator has immediately arranged the short-term financing of support funds and has obtained the agreement of the responsible employment agency. This secures the payment of wages and salaries, initially until the end of November. Until then, Zschocke intends to find out and identify if there are opportunities for Spaun electronic to survive.


  24-06-2018  New Product Catalogue Edition 20
From now on our new Product Catalogue Edition 20 is ready for download.

You can expect new products such as our optical transmitters and receivers AURORA SOTx and AURORA SORx as well as SOLAS SOTx and SOLAS SORx.
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  26-02-2016  ANGA COM 2016

SPAUN electronic exhibits at:

ANGA COM from 07.-09. June 2016
Cologne Trade Fair (Hall: 10.2 / Both J21)

Europe´s leading Trade Fair for Cable, Broadband & Satellite

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  03-01-2014  TELE-satellite: Test Report - SMA 8 F

In its current edition (01-02/2014) the international well known magazine
TELE-satellite published an extensive test report about the socket filter for
SCR single cable systems SMA 8 F from SPAUN.

Test report SMA 8 F in other languages:

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  01-11-2013  TELE-satellite: Test Report - cascadable SCR multiswitches of SPAUN

In its current edition (11-12/2013) the international well known magazine
TELE-satellite published an extensive test report about the cascadable
SCR multiswitches from SPAUN.

Test report cascadable multiswitches in other languages:

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  20-10-2013  INFOSAT: Test Report - single cable solutions of SPAUN

The new subscriber controlled single cable solutions were tested in the current
edition of INFOSAT.

Please check the attached report (German only).

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  04-09-2012  TELE-satellite: Test Report - VAM 420 NG PAL

In its current edition (09-10/2012) the international well known magazine
TELE-satellite published an extensive test report about the Video-/
Audio Modulator in PAL VAM 420 NG PAL from SPAUN.

Test report VAM 420 NG PAL in other languages:
German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish

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  31-05-2012  TELE-satellite: Test Report - BluBox 16

In its current edition 06-07-08/2012 the international well known magazine
TELE-satellite published an extensive test report about the Headend DVB-S(2) in QAM
BluBox 16 from SPAUN.

Test report Blubox 16 in other languages:
German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish

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